How much does it cost to book Big Brother's Boombox?

There are a number of factors that affect booking rates, such as event date, location, playing time, and etc. So give us a call or send us an email for your custom price quote today! 

How far would Big Brother's Boombox be willing to travel?

There is no limit on travel for Boombox, of course rates will increase with travel.

Does Big Brother's Boombox provide sound & lighting?

Yes, we will provide our own sound & lighting. Larger events may require additional services & fees. 


Can Big Brother's Boombox provide a smaller group or other types of ensembles?

Of course! Our Acoustic Duo performs at weddings & other events quite often! We also offer a pianist, acoustic guitarist, & vocalists for wedding ceremonies & other events!

Will the band learn special request songs? (first dance, father/daughter, etc)

Yes! We will learn up to 3 special request songs for free!

What will the band members wear? 

Big Brother's Boombox will dress from casual to formal based on the event.

What about music during breaks?

Big Brother's Boombox will provide DJ Dance Music on our breaks so the party never stops! So you get the benefit of a Band AND a DJ!

What music is usually played during dinner?

We will provide light dinner music via iPod or can provide live acoustic music for a small fee. 

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